' L'Aventure Winery - Chandler Smiley

Chandler Smiley

Wine Club Manager

Chandler started with us back in 2007, making him the second oldest member of the L'Aventure family. He started right away as our Wine Club Manager, but was also one of the first person to work in our tasting room. By being in the tasting room, Chandler was able to meet some of our very first tasters and wine club members (something that not everyone from L'Aventure winery can say)!  We are always amazed by Chandler's ability to remember the names of our wine club members, of course today is a little more difficult now that we have over 2,000 members! Wine Club Manager is not his only duty, he is also our "tech guy", from computers, to website, to even our POS system, Chandler takes care of it all. Lastly, Chandler also takes care of all our shipping and makes sure the wine arrives safely to destination!