' L'Aventure Winery - Dave Dubusk

Dave Dubusk

Production Manager

Dave has been part of the L'Aventure family the longest, he started working for us back in 2002! Always with a smile on his face, Dave invests himself in every part of the winery. He definitely has more than one role here at L'Aventure. Dave manages our beautiful vineyard, from checking irrigation, fertility needs, pest control, to worrying about crop load. Its safe to say that Dave has a green thumb! He is also very involved in the winemaking aspect, assisting Stephan every step of the way. Lastly, Dave is also involved in production where he takes care of mending fences, broken irrigation, even changing the toilet paper role in the restrooms ( now that's a devoted production manager). Dave also takes great pleasure in showing tasters and the L'Aventure staff new exciting things that are happening in the vineyard, as well as, taking the time to teach us anything we want to know about the production side.