The Winery

The winery reflects our commitment to excellence. All the equipment is state of the art, a perfect blend between technology and tradition.

In the spirit of sustainable agriculture, L'Aventure winery runs on solar power installed by Premier Power. "My favorite thing about the solar panels is that we are decreasing our impact on the environment, and this is a big part of sustainable agriculture," says Dave DeBusk, vineyard manager. Sustainable agriculture relies on the principle that we must meet the needs of the present, without compromising the future. Solar power is the most reliable and environmentally friendly form of energy available. Our panels are producing clean, renewable energy, and any extra power produced will go directly back into the grid. In addition to providing for the winery, we produce enough energy to power 5-7 homes here in Paso Robles!

The Cellar

The Vinification

After harvest, the grapes are sorted by hand to eliminate leaf and unripe clusters.

The red varietals are 100% de-stemmed and custom crushed. Various small tanks are used to respect the source of each lot through vinification. A thermostat is used on each tank to maintain as close as possible the perfect temperature. The cold control is used for pre-maceration and to develop more fruit. Heat is available for fermentation and post maceration (2 to 4 weeks) to obtain elegant and stable tannins.