The Three Stagiaires!


As is the case every harvest, Stephan has received three interns- or stagiares-  for the harvest, from La Belle France. These guys rock! From manning the sorting tables, to working in the lab, to cleaning the winery and every piece of equipment therein at the end of every day of picking (no mean feat!), these three young men are at the heart of our harvest effort. While Stephan calls the tunes, and Dave and Guillaume share first fiddle, these guys have got the grunt! They are;

Aldo Antoniel; Aldo has finished his schooling, and works on his family’s estate, Chateaux Croix des Gentils in Entre Deux Mers, Bordeaux. There, they produce good value red and white wines, the red a blend of 80% Merlot 20% Cabernet, the white 80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Semillon. Aldo has come to California to improve his English language skills, advance his wine making knowledge, and do a little traveling before his December 15 return date.

Aurelien Crouzet; Son of Franck Crouzet, the Director of Marketing for the third largest negociant house in Bordeaux, Group Castel Freres, Aurelien is an entrepreneur at heart. An MBA student at INSEEC- Institut Des Hautes Etudes Economiques et Commerciales- Aurelien is interested also in improving his English, as well as in studying a small American business model. He wants to develop a small, family -style business, in wine, or in another product or service category, eventually.

Victor Leculle; Victor comes from the Champagne producing family of Champagne Moutard, his mother a Moutard and his father Leculle. Both names brand the wines produced at their winery in Buxeuil, Champagne, France. Victor works in the family business, and has come to L’Aventure to -surprise!; work on his English!- as well as to observe and take part in wine making here. He will go on to South Africa, and eventually South America in the same spirit.

Every year we are fortunate to receive the creme de la creme of young French students and professionals to help us through harvest. This year is no exception, and we wish each of them well as they move on, taking a little piece of L’Aventure with them.