' L'Aventure Winery - Allie Jones

Allie Jones

Office Manager

Meet Allie, who is our new Office Manager at L'Aventure. Allie is from Hanford, CA where like she said "there are more cows than people"!At first she had no plans in working in the in the wine industry as she went to school to become a teacher but after a couple of years in school she realized that teaching was not for her. After graduating from college she started working for a winery in the area as an administrative assistant. She then worked for another local winery as an accountant and compliance manager. Finally, she got hired at the begining of January at L'Aventure, where she takes care of accounting, inventory, sales reconcilliations, as well as, being Stephan's personal assitant! She is always up for a challenge and has helped us tremendously in making sure everything runs smoothly! Thank you Allie!