Paso's Promise

Stephan Asseo left his family's acclaimed St. Émilion Grand Cru property, Ch. Fleur Cardinale, to found L'Aventure, a west side vineyard and winery up the road from Windward; his first vintages are setting new standards for quality in Paso Robles.

L'Aventure 1999 Optimus
52% syrah, 44% cabernet sauvignon, 4% zinfandel
Characteristics: supple, complex, sweet tannins, powerful
Aromas: vanilla, anise, sweet oak
Flavors: currant, plum, spice, creamy vanilla
Pairing: roast beef with truffles
Stephan Vineyard, 805-226-1588

L'Aventure 2000 Chardonnay
Characteristics: Burgunduan, multitextured, exceptional aftertaste
Aromas: candied fruit, croissant, fudge
Flavors: dried pineapple, toffee, macadamia nut
Pairing: baked prawns or steamed lobster
Stephan Vineyard, 805-227-1588

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