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Chloé Asseo-Fabre

Sales, Marketing and Communication Director

Chloé, daughter of Stephan and Beatrice, decided to join the family business  in January 2014. After going to school for marketing and visual communication in fashion, she decided to go to France for some professional experience. She spent two years in Paris and Bordeaux working in retail for high-end brands. After moving back to Paso Robles she found a new interest in her parent's business. Today she is putting the skills she acquired to work as the new Sales, Marketing and Communication Director. Chloé's main duties are working closely with distributors, as well as, working on events, dinners and tastings that communicate the story of L'Aventure. She also takes care of all our social networking to share with everyone our latest news. Lastly, Chloé works very closely with the tasting room to ensure that our tasters get a focused, educational tasting experience and more importantly a wonderful service from our staff.