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Chloé Asseo-Fabre

General Manager

Chloé, daughter of Stephan and Beatrice, decided to join the family business in January 2014. After going to school for marketing and visual communication in fashion, she decided to go to France for some professional experience. She spent two years in Paris and Bordeaux working in retail for high-end brands. After moving back to Paso Robles she found a new interest in her parent's business. Chloé is in charge of all the sales and marketing which include developing our DTC market, strengthening our small, but important national distribution, as well as export all while respecting the identity of our brand. She is also involved in the vinification process by being part of the blending decisions with her father, Patrick and Dave. Lastly, as of recently, she has taken more of a management role and now oversees the operation of the winery.