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Daniella Lafkas

Operations Manager

Daniella is a California native and has lived for most of her life in Los Angeles. While managing a restaurant in West Hollywood she had the opportunity to meet with wine representatives and winemakers on a weekly basis. She assisted in updating the wine list and quickly became interested in the wine industry. In 2016 she made the decision to move to Paso Robles, leave the restaurant industry and instead focus on wine. Intrigued by the story behind L’Aventure and starting her own little adventure by moving to Paso Robles, Daniella decided to apply for our Tasting Room Manager position. Due to her strong work ethic and loyalty, Daniella rapidly took on more responsibilities at L’Aventure and is now our Operations and Sales Manager and assists in day-to-day operations including administration and HR duties, sales, accounting and inventory management to name a few. She is an asset to the winery and a great ambassador of our brand.