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Leanne Toevs

Tasting Room Lead

Leanne joined the L'Aventure team  in 2012 after Stephan met her at a local restaurant that she was working at and loved the way Leanne interacted with the customers. He asked his assistant to "hunt her down" and offer her a position at L'Aventure! Leanne is a full-time Tasting Room Associate and probably one of our most enthusiastic team members. A Paso Robles native, she never realized how interesting the wine industry was until she started at L'Aventure. Leanne takes great pleasure in sharing our story and making sure that our tasters get a knowledgeable experience. She has a brilliant energy to her that spreads all over the tasting room, giving our tasters a fun and upbeat tasting. Eager to learn, Leanne is always asking questions to Stephan, Dave or Patrick regarding the production side. Anything she learns, she transmits in the tasting room. In her spare time, Leanne is spending time with her husband and son, who we have quickly adopted into the L'Aventure family as well.