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Swann Dufeu

International Brand Ambassador

Swann joined us in September 2022 as our International Brand Ambassador.

After getting her Master’s in international management at the Paris Dauphine University, she starts working in the US but quickly decides to move back to France, to fulfil her passion for wine at the Burgundy Business School. Once she obtains her Specialized Master of International Trade in Wines and Spirits, she returns to the US. During her 10-year US experience, she lives in several states (Virginia, Florida and New York), selling renowned French wines  and finishes her US experience managing California for the national wine importer Vineyard Brands. During that time, Swann oversees the sales of international wineries, such as Château de Beaucastel, Champagne Salon, Tablas Creek Vineyard (one of our favorite neighbors 😉) etc. before moving back to France.

Back in Bordeaux, she establishes herself in the wine region as the Export Director for Bordeaux Families, before launching Maison Wessman onto the international scene. Swann’s mission is to bring international awareness to l’Aventure working alongside “la place de Bordeaux” and to make sure that l’Aventure is served onto the world’s best tables all while promoting our beautiful wine region.