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Policies and Useful Information

Tasting Room

We are a family-friendly winery, but we ask that children be supervised while visiting. We are also dog-friendly, but as there are other dogs on the property, please make sure that your dogs are on leash at all times during your visit.  Dogs are welcome in our tasting room if all other guests during your reservation time are comfortable.

Large Party Reservation

Due to the size of our tasting room, we have selected times that we can accommodate large parties.  For groups of 7 or more we require a $60 reservation deposit which can be applied to tastings on the day of your reservation. To make a reservation for a large party, please call us at our tasting room at 805-227-1588 x24 or email us at tastingroom@aventurewine.com. 


Our industry policy applies to all winery employees as well as restaurants, distributors and wine shops that carry our brand. For media inquiries, please contact directly the tasting room directly. 

Hospitality and Transporation Services

If you would like to book a tasting reservation on behalf of your guest, we ask that you make the reservation directly with us by calling our tasting room 805-227-1588 x24 or by email at tastingroom@aventurewine.com.


We respectfully ask that you provide us with a 24-hour cancellation notice for all reservations. Regarding deposits, if the reservation is cancelled within our cancellation window the reservation deposit will be refunded. If the reservation is not cancelled with a 24-hour notice the reservation deposit will not be refunded.